Our Staff

Our Arabic teachers are native speakers from across the Arabic-speaking world including instructors from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Tunisia, and Yemen. Every educator speaks Modern Standard Arabic, their local dialect, English, and another European language such as French or Spanish, providing a rich resource pool for students both linguistically and culturally. All of the Arabic educators at our center have a minimum of five years of teaching experience, and most hold advanced degrees specializing in the fields of Arabic literature and linguistics.

Mr. Abdelwahab Qadri
Advisory Council

  • 25 years teaching experience in Modern Standard Arabic, Gulf and Levantine dialects, in accordance with the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) standard and in preparation for the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) and Defense Language Institute (DLI) testing formats.
  • Developed innovative teaching methods and new training materials on a semesterly basis.
  • Innovated and coordinated media training for students and prepared talking points and other materials for use in mock interviews with Arab TV journalists.
    Provided analysis of political, religious, social, and tribal trends in the Middle East, North Africa and the Arab Gulf States.
  • Writer/Editor for the Saudi dailies “Al-Jazira” and “Riyadh Daily” and magazines “Al-Sharq” and “Al-Yamama”, 1988-1994. Wrote short stories, articles and editorials.
  • Announcer/Commentator, Radio Riyadh, 1988-1996.
Ms. Houda Al Rihawi
Executive Director

  • Ms. Houda has 15 years of experience teaching MSA and Levantine Dialect. She earned her B.A in Law at the University of Damascus. She taught at Middlebury College, Montana University at DCLCP and at the Foreign Service Institute in Washington DC.
Ms. Asma Boukahla

  • M.A in Financial Management. She establishes new communication strategies.